Understanding Reasonable Suspicion In DUI Cases And How Your DUI Lawyer Can Help

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One of the defense strategies your DUI lawyer may go with for your case is challenging reasonable suspicion or probable cause. Your attorney will do this by filing a motion to suppress evidence. Want to get a better understanding of this defense that your DUI attorney will be presenting for your case? Here is what you should know. Reasonable Suspicion for DUI Stop: What It Constitutes As per the Fourth Amendment's protections against unreasonable searches and seizures, an officer of the law is only allowed to pull you over if they have a reasonable and articulable suspicion that you were, are, or are going to be involved in illegal activity in DUI.

21 October 2021

Logistical Considerations Of Online Mediation

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Mediation is one option to get during a divorce. You and your spouse can avoid litigation and work out the details of your divorce together through mediation. With the onset of the global pandemic, many divorcing couples have turned to online mediation to obtain a divorce. However, there are some logistical issues you need to consider before moving forward with online divorce mediation. How Will You Choose a Mediator? Since you will not be meeting mediators in person, choosing one you can both agree on may prove difficult.

16 September 2021

Reasons To Hire A Construction Lawyer

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If you're planning to build a structure, you need all the help you can get, especially regarding legal matters. Hence, you require a construction lawyer to guide you. Here are the reasons for hiring construction attorneys. Legal Protection Construction work is risky, and accidents may happen at any time. In this regard, if the construction workers sustain injuries while within the construction site, you may be liable. While the workers may be insured, the injured party may sometimes decide to sue you for the damages.

12 August 2021

What To Do If Your Green Card Expires

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A green card is given to immigrants to the United States who have lawful permanent resident status. With a green card, you're legally able to work in the country without needing employer sponsorship to remain a resident. In most cases, a green card is valid for 10 years. It's recommended that you renew your green card before it expires. However, if the expiration date passed before you noticed, there are certain steps that an immigration lawyer can guide you through to renew it.

4 June 2021

Do You Need A Real Estate Closing Attorney?

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Purchasing a residential or commercial property can be your lifetime investment, and you want the process to end without issues. With the vast real estate industry, you can be sure to find your dream house. That being said, how do you ensure you avoid common pitfalls when closing the deal? Whether you have been in the industry or this is your first purchase, you need a real estate closing lawyer, and here is why:

4 June 2021

Nursing Home Neglect Victims Deserve Compensation

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Neglect of the sick and elderly is a serious issue. It leads to a variety of health conditions, medical bills, and loss of life. When you are dealing with the neglect of a loved one by the nursing home you trusted, you may wonder what funds you can collect. These are some of the damages you can collect on your loved one's behalf after they have been injured or made sick due to neglect.

28 April 2021

Tips For Dealing With A Veteran Benefits Denial

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Just because you are a veteran doesn't mean you'll automatically receive benefits. They can sometimes be hard to get and even lead to a denial. If you were just denied, reviewing these tips will make your appeal process a lot easier to grasp and orchestrate.  Identify Appeal Deadline You may be pretty frustrated after getting denied veteran benefits. Despite how many years you served and fought for your country, a denial is thrown in your face.

30 March 2021

Initial Strategies A Felony Lawyer Uses To Achieve The Best Possible Outcome

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In many instances, one of the first strategies a felony lawyer uses is attempting a fast end to the case with positive results. This can be accomplished by persuading the opposing attorney to drop charges or a judge to dismiss the case. The attorney looks for ways that this effort could be successful. It generally is the best possible outcome for people charged with a felony. The Prosecution The attorneys on the opposing side are county government employees representing "

24 February 2021

5 Common Myths About Workers' Compensation

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Employers are required by law to carry workers' compensation insurance in case their workers get injured. If workers get hurt on the job, these benefits can pay for their medical bills and lost wages. However, many people do not give these benefits much thought until they actually need them. Here are some common myths about workers' compensation you should not believe. If the Accident Was Your Fault, You Aren't Eligible for Benefits

28 January 2021

Handling A DUI Case As A Tourist In America

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When you are involved in an accident in your own country, that can be difficult enough. However, when you are involved in an accident while you are on vacation, you won't understand the laws of the location you're in, you'll be away from a support network, and you may risk being barred from multiple countries. Fortunately, a DUI defense attorney is here to help. Being Barred From a Country for a DUI

29 December 2020